5 Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

A woman and man celebrating their 30th birthday and holding digit balloons.

Whether you're enthusiastic about celebrating your birthday each year or dread the thought of turning one year older, birthdays are one of those rare occasions to gather acquaintances, friends, and family in one place for a celebration. And since it's a significant milestone, you should be doing something memorable and fun with all your favorite people.

It used to be easier as a kid — you could simply choose a favorite or wacky theme and get guests to come in costumes, but as an adult, it can get tricky as not everyone may be willing to dress up, and it might end up as a straightforward dinner at a local restaurant. We get that planning an awesome birthday celebration for adults can be challenging sometimes, so here are 10 ideas to help you out!

1. Host a Board Game Night

Dice and board pieces on a Catan game board.

What better way to spend the time with your guests than some board games? Pull out games that you love, or get some of your guests to add their favorites to the lineup. A game of Catan or Saboteur can produce plenty of laughs and excitement around the table, as well as allowing the guests to get to know each other better.

Don't forget to keep the game night grub ready. Some options you could go with include tortilla chips with avocado dip, pizza, and of course the birthday cake!

2. Have a DIY Wine Tasting Session

Some white wine being poured into a wine glass.

You can never go wrong with a bottle of Adrianna Vineyard or Chateau Latour at an adult birthday party. Invest in a wine tasting kit that is perfect for events like these and savor the nuances of your favorite bottle, or encourage your guests to bring their own and get the tasting session started!

3. Enjoy a Movie Night

People on outdoor lounge chairs and beanies watching a movie projected onto a screen.

Relive the good days of movie nights and sleepovers (of course, this depends on how many of your guests are willing to spend the night)! You can either host it outdoors in the yard with some carpets and a projector if the weather is good, or have it in the living room with pillows, blankets, and a sofa bed. Don't forget the snacks, popcorn, and drinks for your guests. If those aren't enough, order a stuffed crust pizza to really bring you back.

4. Start a BBQ Session

Two guys barbecuing some sausages as other guests mingle with each other.

This is the perfect time to indulge in all your favorite barbecued foods, from grilled sausages to potatoes! If you're living on a landed property with an outdoor or patio space, take the party outside. If you're staying in a high-rise development, now's the time to make use of the public barbecue pit. Throw in a few games to keep things lively, such as a Frisbee or charades. Remember to bring the cold beverages!

5. Kick Off a Pool Party

A guy jumping into a pool as a group of people looks on.

Living in a warm climate or experiencing hot weather during your birthday week? Invite your guests to come with their best pool-party outfits and let the splashing begin! Get plenty of finger food, snacks, and a mix of refreshing beverages ready near the pool to keep guests happy. Pepperoni pizzas, tacos, and cold lemonade are good choices. Bring a portable speaker to blast the best tunes, and also be prepared to get thrown into the pool after you blow out the birthday candles!